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Photography, drone & 360° videos

It has a lens? You can press a button? More than one button? There’s also a display? It comes with funny blinking lights and quirky sounds? It can fly? As a bonus it takes pictures? Well. Give! It! To! Me!

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Nature photography is and always has been one of my most beloved hobbies. For the past years I took my pictures with the Fuji Finepix X100, which is still a …

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360° videos

When I saw a 360° video on youtube for the first time I was thrilled by the experience – moving my phone changed the direction I was looking at on the …

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Quadcopter DJI Phantom

I got the DJI Phantom III drone as a birthday present and had a lot of fun with it since then. I am fascinated by the technology and by how …

The Beauty of Sailing


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The Beauty of Sailing

Sailing is one of my most beloved hobbies, so here are some impressions of my sailing cruises over the last years on the atlantic, adriatic and baltic sea as well …

Cherry blossom finale

Over the weekend the wind blew away the last cherry blossoms from the tree in our garden. The season is finally over, I am already looking forward to next year, …